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 موضوع پست: RobotStudio 2008 User Meeting in Milano Italy 24-25 June
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-- Secure Your place at RobotStudio 2008 User Meeting --

At the meeting we will present the new radically improved RobotStudio 2008, the industry's first integrated solution with both offline and online functionality.

RobotStudio 2008 has a totally redesigned work-flow oriented User Interface based on Fluent from Microsoft Office 2007. The new UI replaces the previous system of menus and toolbars with a simpler system optimized for efficiency and ease of use.

We are also introducing a new RobotStudio Community on the web. At the meeting we will show you the functionality, including video tutorials, forums, blogs, content sharing, and more.

Several users will present how they are using RobotStudio to improve the efficiency of their work and save time and money.

All User Meeting participants will get an exclusive prerelease of RobotStudio 2008 to take home.

Important: We have reserved a number of rooms at Hotel NH Concordia just in front of the ABB office. We can guarantee that rooms are available until June 2nd. After this date, we cannot guarantee that rooms are held for ABB guests. We strongly suggest that you book your room before this cut off date.

Sign up today to secure your place!

Link to event site for registration, hotel booking and more information ... FB934.aspx

Best Regards,

ABB Robotics
Lunnagårdsgatan 4
431 87 Mölndal

Phone: +46 31 773 85 00
Fax: +46 31 776 85 50

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