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 موضوع پست: Robotics Society of Iran-ICRoM 2014 Call for Papers
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Dear Colleague,

On behalf of Robotics Society of Iran (RSI), we are very pleased to inform
you that the "Second RSI International Conference on Robotics and
Mechatronics (ICRoM 2014)", will be held on 15-17 Oct. 2014, in K. N. Toosi
Univ of Tech, Tehran, Iran. This conference is intended to bring the
robotics and mechatronics communities together, and to consolidate the
state of the art advancement in key areas of these fields.

The Second International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics is
organized by the Robotics Society of Iran (RSI) with collaboration of other
scientific societies in particular the Iranian Society of Mechatronics
(ISM). This conference will be held to bring the relevant communities
together, to exchange ideas and to create fruitful connections between
active researchers and industrial professionals in these fields. The
original research papers reported on the leading edge of science and
technology will be peer-reviewed and presented in this conference, in order
to consolidate the state of the art advancement in key areas of robotics
and mechatronics.

The conference topics include:
Aerial and underwater robotics
Bio-inspired robotics
Cable robots, cognitive robotics
Collaborative robotics
Control systems
Intelligent robotics and systems
Legged robots, manipulation
Mechatronics systems
Micro- and nano- robots
Modeling and identification
Motion planning and learning
Parallel robotics
Probabilistic robotics
Reconfigurable robots
Robot calibration
Robot control
Robotic platforms
Service and field robotics
Vision systems
Visual robotics
Wheeled mobile robots
New fields of advanced intelligent robotics and mechtronics

Organizers: The Academy of Sciences of IR Iran | Robotics Society of Iran |
K. N. Toosi University of Technology

General Chair: Prof. Hassan Zohoor, Sharif University of Technology

Advisory /Technical Committee:
R. Emami, U. of Toronto (Canada)
A. Akbarzadeh Totonchi, Ferdowsi U.
S. Ali A. Moosavian, K. N. Toosi U. of Tech.
A. Fattah, U. of Delaware (USA)
A. Alasti, Sharif U. of Tech.
H. Moradi, U. of Tehran
A. Goldenberg, U. of Toronto (Canada)
M. Aliyari Shooredeli, K. N. Toosi U. of Tech.
B. Moshiri, U. of Tehran
K. Hashtrudizad, Queens U. (Canada)
A. Bagheri, Guilan U.
D. Naderi, Bu-Ali Sina U. Hamedan
F. Hassani, McGill U. (Canada)
S. Bagheri Shouraki, Sharif U.
F. Najafi, K. N. Toosi U. of Tech.
J. M. Hollerbach, U. of Utah (USA)
M. Bozorg, Yazd U.
M. Namvar, Sharif U. of Tech.
| A. J. Ijspeert, EPFL (Switzerland)
H. R. M. Daniali, Nooshirvani U. of Tech.
M. Nili Ahmadabadi, U. of Tehran
S. M. LaValle, U. of Illinoise (USA)
A. H. Davaei Markazi, Iran U. of Sci. and Tech.
A. Rostami, Tabriz U.
S. Lee, Sungkyunkwan U. (Korea)
M. Eghtesad, U. of Shiraz
F. Rajaei, U. of Tehran
C. Loughlin, Int. J. Industrial Robot, (UK)
M. M. Fateh, Shahrood U. of Tech.
M. J. Sadigh, Isfahan U. of Tech.
M. Mehrandezh, U. of Regina (Canada)
M.R. Haeri Yazdi, U. of Tehran
F. Sheykholeslam, Isfahan U. of Tech.
E. Nebot, The University of Sydney (Australia)
A. Ghaffari, K. N. Toosi U. of Tech.
A. M. Shahri, Iran U. of Sci. and Tech.
E. Papadopoulos, Tech. U. of Athens (Greece)
M. Ghayour, Isfahan U. of Tech
A. Soleimani, Shahrood U. of Tech.
T. Salcudean, UBC (Canada)
M. Habibnejad, Iran U. of Sci. and Tech.
H. D. Taghirad, K. N. Toosi U. of Tech.
B. Siciliano, U. of Naples (Italy)
M. Jamzad, Sharif U. of Tech.
H. A. Talebi, Amirkabir U. of Tech.
R. Siegwart, ETHZ (Switzerland)
M. Keshmiri, Isfahan U. of Tech.
Gh. Vossoughi, Sharif U. of Tech.
Sh. Sirouspoor, McMaster U. (Canada)
A. Meghdari, Sharif U. of Tech.
M. J. Yazdapanah, U. of Tehran
Z. D. Wang, Chiba Ins. of Tech. (Japan)
M. M. Moghaddam, Tarbiat Modares U.
A. Yousefi Koma, U. of Tehran

Important Dates:
Full Paper Submission: 10 May 2014
Notification of Acceptance: 28 June 2014
Final Submission: 23 August 2014.

Index and Journal Publication:
The official language of the conference is English; however, only
industrial papers may be submitted in Persian. English papers will be
included in the IEEE Xplore digital library and indexed by EI/Compendex,
provided that they are presented at the conference. Selected papers will be
considered for possible Journal publications in the Scientica Iranica,
International Journal of Robotics: Theory and Applications, Amirkabir
International Journal of Electrical and Electronics, Mechatronics Magazine,
and other scientific-research approved journals.

Organizing Office:
Tel: +98 21 42917113
Fax: +98 21 42917101

Address: The academy of Science, Haghani Highway,
Tehran, Iran
POB 19395/5318
Tel/Fax: +98 21 88645721

Best Regards

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