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 موضوع پست: Special Issue on Robotic Sense of Touch - IEEE
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The Special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics on 'Robotic Sense of
Touch' is available online at: ... umber=8860

This link allows free access to all abstracts of the papers, as well as full
access to the pdf files by subscription (either individual or

This is the first special issue published by any journal in the area of
touch sense modality in robotics. The issue contains 19 regular papers and
two short papers, which have been organized into three groups. The first
group of papers presents insights into the development of touch sensing
hardware and related system level issues. The focus of the papers that are
presented in the second and the third groups is on the development and
analysis of computational tools to obtain contact information from the data
acquired by the sensing hardware during a number of tasks performed by

The table of contents is as follows:

* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Robotic Sense of Touch,
Dahiya R. S.; Metta G.; Cannata, G.; Valle M.
Page(s): 385 - 388 ... er=5784198

* Methods and Technologies for the Implementation of Large-Scale Robot
Tactile Sensors,
Schmitz, A.; Maiolino, P.; Maggiali, M.; Natale, L.; Cannata, G.; Metta,
Page(s): 389 - 400 ... er=5771603

* Humanoid Multimodal Tactile-Sensing Modules,
Mittendorfer, P.; Cheng, G.
Page(s): 401 - 410 ... er=5711674

* Development and Analysis of a Sliding Tactile Soft Fingertip Embedded With
a Microforce/Moment Sensor,
Ho, V. A.; Dao, D. V.; Sugiyama, S.; Hirai, S.
Page(s): 411 - 424 ... er=5706372

* Improved Image Reconstruction for an EIT-Based Sensitive Skin With
Multiple Internal Electrodes,
Tawil, D. S.; Rye, D.; Velonaki, M.;
Page(s): 425 - 435 ... er=5741866

* Engineering Design of Fluid-Filled Soft Covers for Robotic Contact
Interfaces: Guidelines, Nonlinear Modeling, and Experimental Validation,
Berselli, G.; Piccinini, M.; Palli, G.; Vassura, G.;
Page(s): 436 - 449 ... er=5765508

* Rolling Indentation Probe for Tissue Abnormality Identification During
Minimally Invasive Surgery, Liu, H.; Li, J.; Song, X.; Seneviratne, L. D.;
Althoefer, K.;
Page(s): 450 - 460 ... er=5746537

* The Spatial Spectrum of Tangential Skin Displacement Can Encode Tactual
Wiertlewski, M.; Lozada, J.; Hayward, V.;
Page(s): 461 - 472 ... er=5764856

* Tactile-Object Recognition From Appearance Information,
Pezzementi, Z.; Plaku, E.; Reyda, C.; Hager , G. D.;
Page(s): 473 - 487 ... er=5752871

* Vibrotactile Recognition and Categorization of Surfaces by a Humanoid
Sinapov, J.; Sukhoy, V.; Sahai, R.; Stoytchev, A.;
Page(s): 488 - 497 ... er=5752872

* Sense of Touch in Robots With Self-Organizing Maps,
Johnsson, M.; Balkenius, C.;
Page(s): 498 - 507 ... er=5739536

* Majority Voting: Material Classification by Tactile Sensing Using Surface
Jamali, N.; Sammut, C.;
Page(s): 508 - 521 ... er=5756488

* Roughness Encoding for Discrimination of Surfaces in Artificial
Oddo, C. M.; Controzzi, M.; Beccai, L.; Cipriani, C.; Carrozza, M. C.;
Page(s): 522 - 533 ... er=5740988

* A Simple Tactile Probe for Surface Identification by Mobile Robots,
Giguere, P.; Dudek, G.;
Page(s): 534 - 544 ... er=5752869

* Learning Dynamic Tactile Sensing With Robust Vision-Based Training,
Kroemer, O.; Lampert, C. H.; Peters, J.;
Page(s): 545 - 557 ... er=5752870

* Tactile Sensing for Mobile Manipulation,
Chitta, S.; Sturm, J.; Piccoli, M.; Burgard, W.;
Page(s): 558 - 568 ... er=5765509

* Global Localization of Objects via Touch,
Petrovskaya, A.; Khatib, O.;
Page(s): 569 - 585 ... er=5784199

* Using Bayesian Filtering to Localize Flexible Materials During
Platt, R.; Permenter, F.; Pfeiffer, J.;
Page(s): 586 - 598 ... er=5772023

* Two-Flexible-Fingers Gripper Force Feedback Control System for Its
Application as End Effector on a 6-DOF Manipulator,
Becedas, J.; Payo, I.; Feliu, V.;
Page(s): 599 - 615 ... er=5764855

* Assessing Grasp Stability Based on Learning and Haptic Data,
Bekiroglu, Y.; Laaksonen, J.; Jorgensen, J. A.; Kyrki, V.; Kragic, D.;
Page(s): 616 - 629 ... er=5759756

* A Probabilistic Approach to Tactile Shape Reconstruction,
Meier, M.; Schopfer, M.; Haschke, R.; Ritter, H.;
Page(s): 630 - 635 ... er=5740987

* Tactile-Data Classification of Contact Materials Using Computational
Decherchi, S.; Gastaldo, P.; Dahiya, R. S.; Valle, M.; Zunino, R.;
Page(s): 635 - 639 ... er=5756252

Guest Editors:

Ravinder S. Dahiya, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy.
Giorgio Metta, Italian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy.
Giorgio Cannata, University of Genova, Italy.
Maurizio Valle, University of Genova, Italy.

Seth Hutchinson
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Robotics

Address: The Beckman Institute
405 North Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801

Ravinder S. Dahiya, PhD
Marie Curie Fellow,
Center for Materials & Microsystems
Fondazione Bruno Kessler,
Via Sommarive 18, Trento 38123, Italy.
Tel. +39 0461 314 686
Fax. +39 0461 314 537

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