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Dear all,

hereby a call for participation in the Virtual Robot competition in the RoboCup Rescue Simulation League.

What is the Virtual Robot competition?

The Virtual Robot competition is an initiative to stimulate research in robotics that allow autonomously exploration of devastated areas, providing high quality maps and demonstrating the capability to actively search and localize victims using robot models
and control algorithms consistent with the state of the art.

Who can participate?

Everybody with experience in controlling an autonomous robot can participate. The Virtual Robot competition has a sophisticated simulation environment (, including a wide variety of robot and sensor models. The interaction of the robot and sensors are simulated in this environment in a physical realistic way. The communication to and from the robot and sensors is performed via a socket-interface, so existing control software should be easily ported to the simulation environment. The Virtual Robot competition allows to experiment with your control algorithms and hardware configurations without the need to buy this equipment .

Important dates
team pre-registration deadline: February 29, 2008
team description paper deadline: March 3, 2008
team registration: April 20 2008.
competition: 14-20 July 2008.
symposium: 15-18 July 2008.

Further information ... uzhou_2008


Arnoud Visser
Universiteit van Amsterdam
member Technical Committee RoboCup Rescue Simulation League

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